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16 Deer Hill Lane,Coventry, CT, 06238-1235,  Tel: (860) 742 5185

Nat's Page, email: Nat business Nat personal
AIM: wnmills3 MSN: wnm3

Liz's Page, email: Liz personal
AIM: Supermom ECM MSN: ecmills

Parker's Page, email: Parker personal
AIM: crysmeth3254 MSN: parker_mills

Lauren's Page, email: Lauren personal
MSN: lauren_t_mills

To reach Nat at work:

c/o IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
16 Deer Hill Lane
Coventry, CT, 06238
IBM #(860) 760 3764
Home Office #(860) 742 7646
Mobile #(860) 983 3530

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